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Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be an influencer?

In Chasing Likes, Carlee shares the highs and lows of what it’s really like to be an influencer. In a behind the scenes look, she shares the hard work and hustle that it takes to be successful in the field amid all the competition, drama and adolescent behavior that go along with it. Being an influencer isn’t all fancy parties and gift boxes arriving at your door – it’s a competitive business and there is always someone waiting to take your place.

“What may appear to be a group of composed women posting quality curated content to their Instagram feeds with a smile on their face, is in all actuality a group of astoundingly insecure women battling each other to be relevant.” Chapter 2, page 16

She demystifies the fallacy of what influencers post to their social media feeds and dives into the truth on how influencers make a living trading in the currency of perceptions. In what appears to be a world of wannabe reality stars, Carlee speaks to the main problem facing influencer marketing today, what she dubs “the authenticity gap”. 

Chasing Likes covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the influencer world from mom shaming to mean girls, frenemies, the realities of Instagram engagement, and tackling current social issues including posting the infamous “black square”.

About the Author

Carlee Krtolica is the editor of the highly acclaimed lifestyle blog, Styled to Sparkle, where she shares helpful advice on everything from interior design and DIY renovations to wine, travel, fashion, beauty, family, and more.

She has always naturally offered advice and shared what she loves with friends, family, and strangers. Carlee believes in making life more accessible for her audience especially through her love of the outdoors, global travel, home renovation and décor projects.

Throughout her influencer career she has collaborated with a number of well-known international brands such as IKEA, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy BABY, Cabela’s, J.Crew, Hyatt, and Samsonite.

Carlee has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Entrepreneurship as well as her Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 Certification. She currently works as a freelance interior designer and lifestyle blogger.

She lives in Canada with her husband, two daughters and dog named Hattie. Follow along on her social media channels @styledtosparkle and on StyledtoSparkle.com

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